Management and
Charter Companies

Charter and managed aircraft fleet policies can lead to economies of scale for reduced premiums, leverage for increase limits of liability as well as more favorable terms and conditions. Kassel can help control the insurance process, insuring properly written coverage for your client and your organization all while taking away insurance headaches so you can focus on running your business.

Management and Charter Companies Coverage Highlights

  • Fleet discounts

  • OST 6410 and Certificate of Insurance Issuance

  • Charter Referral Liability Coverage

Your Charter and Managed Aircraft Coverage may include:

  • Pilot Approval for backup pilots and emergency fill-in contractors

  • Assistance with insurance quotes for new aircraft

  • Contract reviews with corresponding insurance ramifications and relevant risk management advice

  • EU Certificates, Mexican Liability Policies and issuance of certificates for other travel into other countries

  • Analysis of other insurance company quotes for comparison

  • Assistance with Safety Management Systems including IS-BAO audits, Loss Control and Emergency Response Plans

  • Certificate of insurance management and issuance

  • Assistance with understanding Ancillary Coverages like Extra Expense for Temporary Replacement Parts

  • Medical Payments Coverage for Crew Members and Passengers

  • Voluntary Settlement Coverage for Crew Members and Passengers

  • No Claims Bonuses and Profit Commission Returns to qualifying operators with select underwriting partners

  • Hurricane Relocation Expense Coverage

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At Kassel Aviation Insurance our clients aren’t just a number, they are valued individuals and corporations whose relationship is of utmost importance.